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MD512 256-37, MD512.256, FINLUX,
3,000.00 บาท

condition: used




Part Number MD512.256-37
Display Size 8.6
LCD Panel EL, EL
Display Resolution 512×256
Solar Technologies is a leading global supplier specializing in Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) products, including the FINLUX MD512.256-37. We are focused on delivering the highest level of quality service to assist you with your immediate and long term display requirement. We offer you the benefits of our global network of resources and trusted supply chain vendors that have been developed from our long-standing business relationships with some of the largest OEM, CEM, EMS and distribution channels.

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General Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Part Number MD512.256-37
Manufacturer FINLUX
Panel Size 8.6 inches
Panel Resolution 512×256
Panel Type EL, EL
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 55 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 75 °C
RoHS None RoHS
Specific Feature Wide Aspect Ratio
Michanical Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Panel Dimension 260×140 mm (W×H)
Weight in gram 650g
Active Area 195.0×97.4 mm (W×H)
Aspect Ratio 2:1 (W:H)
Pixel Pitch 0.380×0.380 mm (W×H)
Touch Screen Without
Pixel Configuration Rectangle
Panel Dimension_Depth 35.0 mm
Optical Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Luminance in String 125 cd/m² (Typ.)
Colors Monochrome
Optical Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Display Reverse Scan No
Backlight(Lamp) Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Backlight Type self
Signal Information of FINLUX MD512.256-37
Interface Type Connector
Supply Voltage 5/15V (VCC1/VCC2)
IO Pin Count 16 pins
Interface Brand ODU
Interface Connection Qty. 1 pcs
Interface Model 511.065.003.016







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