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VT3-Q5S, keyence, Toutch screen, touch panel Display, STN color, 320 x 240dot,
10,000.00 บาท

conditon: used


Rated voltage DC24V ± 10%
Quiescent current 650mA or less
Noise immunity 1500Vp-p or more pulse width 1μsec, 50ns (by noise simulator)
Withstand voltage (Case between the power supply terminal) AC1500V1 minutes
Insulation resistance (Case between the power supply terminal at DC500V Mega) 50MΩ or more
Vibration resistance 
(according to ※ JIS B 3502 IEC61131-2)
If there is a vibration intermittent
Half amplitude
The number of sweeps
5 ~ 9Hz
10 times X, Y, Z each direction 
(100 minutes)
9 ~ 150Hz
9.8 m / s 2
If there is a continuous vibration
Half amplitude
5 ~ 9Hz
9 ~ 150Hz
4.9 m / s 2
Structure Dustproof IP65f equivalent, drip-proof structure panel built-in, front only the operating unit
Ambient That dust, or corrosive gas is not particularly bad
Ambient temperature ※ 1  0 ~ +50 ℃
Ambient humidity (Non-condensing) ※ 2 35 ~ 85% RH 
Storage Temperature The (non-freezing) -10 ~ +60 ℃
Storage humidity (Non-condensing) ※ 2 35 ~ 85% RH 
Overvoltage category I
Degree of contamination Two
Mass About 850g
Price (¥) 153,000
※ 1 This is the value that is attached to the vertical direction only body.
※ 2 If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, absolute humidity Please use the following conditions of 40 ℃ 85% RH.

Display panelDisplay element STN color LCD
Display color 32768 colors
Number of dots (W × H dot) 320 × 240
Effective display area (W × Hmm) 115.2 × 86.4
Lifetime (normal temperature and humidity) About 50000 hours
BacklightMethod Cold cathode tube (not replaceable)
Life About 75000 hours
Touch switchNumber of Switches 15/20 × 1 screen
Method Matrix resistive type
Actuating force 0.98N or less
Life 1 million times or more
Character font Outline fonts, bitmap fonts, 
stroke fonts, Windows fonts, 
image font, minimum font
Communication functionPLC Host Link Ltd. Keyence, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, OMRON Corporation, Sharp Corporation, 
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., 
Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd., JTEKT (Toyoda Machine Works), 
Koyo Electronics Industries Co., Ltd., Yokogawa Electric Corporation, 
Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd., FANUC (Ltd.), 
GEFanucAutomation, Rockwell (Allen-Bradley), Siemens
Temperature controller Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Yamatake Corporation, OMRON Corporation, RKC Ltd., 
Shinko Technos Co., Ltd., CHINO
Inverter Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Yaskawa Electric Corporation, OMRON Corporation
Servo amplifier Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Stepping motor Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.
Robot controller Ltd. IAI
Eco Power Meter Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
General-purpose communication With dedicated command
Screen data 
internal storage
Memory capacity 4M bytes

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