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Stepping motor, Driver, The MDrive 23 Plus Speed Control is a NEMA size 23 high torque, Schneider electric
4,000.00 บาท

condition: new-ของใหม่

The MDrive 23 Plus Speed Control is a NEMA size 23 high torque 1.8° stepper motor integrated with an advanced, high resolution microstepping drive and an intelligent velocity controller.

Features include:

  • SPI communication
  • +12 to +75 VDC (+12 to +60 VDC if quad length) input voltage
  • Up to 283 oz-in (200 N-cm) holding torque
  • Advanced current control for unsurpassed smoothness and performance
  • 10-bit analog input which can operate in three different input modes: voltage, current .
  • 20 microstep resolutions from full step to 51,200 steps per revolution
  • Optically isolated logic can accept sinking or sourcing inputs ranging from +5 to +24 VDC
  • All parameters are software configurable (setup utility included) - no external switches or resistors required

C input voltage Range (includes back-EMF) +12 to +75 VDC (+12 to +60 VDC if quad length)
Power supply current requirement Max per MDrivePlus (depends on voltage and load) 2.0 (1,2 & 3 Stack)
3.5 (4 Stack)
Analog speed control input Input modes Voltage 0 to +5 VDC
0 to +10 VDC
Current 4 to 20 mA
0 to 20 mA
PWM Not available
Resolution 10 bit
Logic Inputs 
(Stop/Start, Direction)
Sinking or Sourcing voltage +5 to +24 VDC
Current (+5 VDC Max) 8.7 mA
Current (+24 VDC Max) 14.6 mA
Operating Temperature Measured at heat sink (non-condensing humidity) 85°C
Measured at motor (non-condensing humidity) 100°C

Dimensions in inches (mm)
MDrive23Plus Step / direction input with industrial connectors  
Dimensions in inches (mm)  

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