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Stepping motor Driver 5-Phase, Techno Driver, KR-5M (TAMAKAWA AU9112)
Pre-Order สินค้าแนะนำ
1,200.00 บาท
1,500.00 บาท

condition: used
Stepping motor, Driver 5-Phase, Techno Driver, KR-5M, TAMAKAWA, AU9112,



Five-phase stepping motor driver
  • Driver for five-phase stepping motor using a single 24 V DC power supply input
  • Incorporates a number of powerful functions despite its compact size, including automatic current reduction circuits to minimize motor heat generation.
  • Compact size makes it ideal for incorporation into other equipment.
  • New lower price


Model KR-5M-SS
Input power supply DC24-40V 3A Max
Drive current 0A to about 0.9 A/phase Max
Drive system Bipolar pentagon drive system  
- FULL step 0.72(deg.)
- HALF step 0.36(deg)
Operating temperature range 0~40 (Temperature)
Weight Approx. 100 g




Wire connection chart

Details Signal Pin No. Function details
Input signal H.O- 1 "Motor excitation off"  control signal
 Motor excitation off for "1"
H.O+ 2
R- 3 Reverse signal input for clock 2
Rotation-direction input for clock 1
Normal rotation for "1;"  reverse rotation for "0"
(for clock 2)
F- 5 Normal signal input for clock 2
Pulse input for clock 1
(for clock 2)
Compatible connector: 60-8263-3068-15-000 Kyocera Elco


Details Signal Pin No. Function details
Motor lead wire


1 Motor
lead wire
2 Green
3 Orange
4 Red
5 Blue

 Power supply

GND 6 Drive power Supply: 0V
+V 8 Drive power Supply: DC20~40V
+5V 10  Maximum supply of 30 mA



Compatible connector: 60-8263-3108-15-000 Kyocera Elco
External dimensions (Unit: mm)

Dimensions do not include protruding items such as screws.




Input pulse characteristics Signal input circuit Input time chart
Pulse width 5µs Min

Pulse interval 5µs Min
Rise/ fall time 1µs Max
Max pulse frequency 70K pps
Pulse voltage [1]  4V-8V
[0] 0.5V~  -8V
Internal resistance 390Ω



Explanation of function selector switch

No. Function ON OFF
1 Step angle 0.72(deg.)/ pulse 0.36(deg.)/ pulse
2 Clock system Clock 1 Clock 2


Wire connection diagram


Wiring Diagram




Note 1: The numbers on CN1 and CN2 should be those shown in the diagram or on the connectors. Do not use the numbers on the printed circuit board.
Note 2: Pins 6 to 7 and 8 to 9 are connected internally on CN2.


Drive current settings
                 Connect a voltmeter across CP1+ and CP2- on the board, and turn the RUN volume knob to set the voltage determined as follows.  Check pin voltage (V) = Set current x 4 Set to 0.35 A/phase when shipped

(1) Turn the RUN volume knob fully counterclockwise before switching on the power.
(2) Apply a normal or reverse signal with a frequency of at least 10 pps and turn the RUN volume knob slowly to  set the calculated voltage value.
Note that the motor will turn when the signal is applied.
(3) The current setting for automatic current reduction is fixed at approximately 60% of the rated current.
(4) The motor shaft will be free, both when rotating or when stopped, as long as H.O. is set to "1."


Driver Performance


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