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Gang Valve, Pneuamatic DCV, SMC, SY5140-5FU-S, Port 1/4", 2 position double, Single coil 24VDC, Base Mouted
300.00 บาท

condition: used



Product Details

SY5000 Z Series Valves

Higher flow capacity than body ported SY type Cv=0.3 (3000 series) Cv=0.7 (5000 series)
Compact, lightweight design, ideal for installation in restricted spaces or enclosures
Low power consumption allows direct PLC control
Service life in excess of 50 million cycles
5//2 and 5//3 valve configurations
L type pinch plug or DIN plug connections
Non locking manual override


When ordering valves with a pinch type plug connection plug connectors must be ordered separately. Valves with a DIN connection are supplied with DIN 43650 plugs.

SMC SY Z Series

A range of modular DIN rail mounted solenoid operated valves and accessories for pneumatic circuits. All valves operate using compressed filtered air (lubricated or non-lubricated) and have an operating temperature range of -10 to +50°C.





Function 1 (2 Position Single)
Piping 40 (Base Mounted Non Plug-in Single/Stacking Base, Plug-in Stacking Base)
Voltage 5 (24VDC)
Lead Wire F (Plug-in)
Surge Suppressor U (Surge Suppressor w/Light Non-polar)