How to selection a Spinle - การเลือกใช้งาน spindle
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How Selection a Sppindle

  1. Define the operation to be performed.
  2. Define the operating parameters.
    1. Accuracy--Runouts
    2. Speed
    3. Power Requirements-at tool or work
    4. Tool or Work Holding Method
  3. Select Type of Spindle Body.
    1. Block Style
    2. Base Mounted
    3. Flange Cartridge
    4. Cartridge
    5. Special Configuration
  4. Select Type of Lubrication.
    1. Grease
    2. Oil/Air
    3. Recirculating Oil

      Note: They type of lubrication may be dependent on the size of the spindle selected and the operating RPM. Maximum speeds for each type of lubrication are
  5. Basic Sizing of the Spindle
    1. Basic sizing for Boring Spindles Front Bearing Diameter to be equal or larger than the bore being machined.
    2. Basic sizing for Face Milling Spindle Face Mill to be 1.5-2 times the Front Bearing Diameter
    3. Internal Grinding
      1. Determine wheel size and Operating Speed.
      2. Select type of wheel holding.
        1. Straight Shank Quill
        2. Taper Shank Quill
        3. Wheel Mount (For larger bores)
      3. Select largest spindle that meets RPM and Quill Size requirements.
    4. External Grinding
      1. Determine Wheel Size and Operating Speed.
      2. Select Wheel Mount based on wheel size.
      3. Select spindle based on top of taper of wheel mount.
    5. Other Applications - Consult Gros-Ite Spindle Application Engineering
  6. Select Type of Drive.
    1. Belt Driven
    2. Direct Motorized
    3. Coupled Motor
    4. Gear Driven

The information above has been prepared as a basic guideline for choosing your  Spindle.

Please consult our  Spindle Sales and Application Engineers for assistance in making your final selection.

There are many different factors used to determine the type of spindle for any one given application. Speed, Lubrication, Rigidity, Size constraints, Special Accuracy Requirements, Motorized vs. Non-Motorized are a some of these factors.